Who can use KIND?
Everyone can use KIND. You can use KIND to tip for services rendered or make payments. Who can you pay through KIND? Hotel housekeepers, Uber drivers, hosts, waiters, waitresses, and valets.

If you are a corporate traveler, KIND makes it easy to track your tips so that you can expense them. You can also use KIND to pay friends and family members.

Uber Driver


Hotel Housekeeper



The Payment processing platform that simplifies life.

Tip, Pay, or Receive Money by phone.

Need to tip the Uber driver, waiter, valet, or Housekeeper?

No cash? No problem!


Why? Duh! Because life is complicated, and the world needs an app like KIND to simplify life. Millions of KIND-hearted people no longer have to walk away guilt-ridden because they did not have any cash to tip.